Lets run this stuff into the ground

And by that, I mean just a few things that are more of the same!

Firstly, ships are getting bigger (slowly we’ll get there!)


On top of that, that means its even MORE fun to watch them crack


Oh yeah, I’ve added a Kursha ship as well


Lets be sure to get some tactical pause going too! I know this is something people have been asking for for a long time

On top of that, I’m still working on making the ground portions look more interesting. We had issues with parallax layers when we transferred over a few systems – but they’re back now


Sweet and short update for ya’all. I just got finished looking through a few of my Kickstarter projects that I’ve backed and many haven’t updated for over 6 months :\ I’d like to do my best to you guys up to date. I have a super top secret risky crazy update coming hopefully in the next month, so many of the updates will be like this one for a little bit I’m afraid. Work work work!

An ever expanding universe (and mechanics)

Whew, what a tough month! I had to cram my entire month of “To Do” into a very short amount of time as a work relate trip got me behind. I think I did a pretty good job of getting caught up, so lets dive into whats new!


I’m still continuing to build on the diplomacy mechanics. Right now (and for the first public demo as well) the information you get is mostly superficial. The goal is by the time the game is done your questions and answers will unlock.. or LOCK.. different dialogue trees with the various races. Not only that, but a simple reputation system already dictates how often they’ll talk with you, or how often they’ll just shoot you.





As detailed in my lost post the Interface is rather simple. I look forward to building the content for this more than I ever thought I would be!

Moving on from that, I really worked hard to flesh out the ground phase just a bit more.

The goal of exploring planets is a bit muddled for some, and I’ve gotten an opportunity to bring that part of the game closer to its final form. First and foremost my inspiration for Interstellaria is Starflight. When I began designing it I felt a side view would be pretty fun and different for this type of game. As I continued to work on the prototype it just felt obvious to me to make exploring planets to gather resources (ala starflight) a platformer/megaman like experience. It’s not really about high pace twitch platforming. Planets are mostly about gathering some trade goods to get some money, finding interesting aliens to hire, or even finding a tiny bit of information to unravel a plague effecting the known galaxy.

Moving on to the gifs:



Sadly I just realized I don’t have a gif of hiring crewmen – but needless to say there will be some interesting characters :) For example a prototype character (the robot) makes a return


Thats it for me for now – but more to come! July/August will prove to be make or break for the future of Interstellaria

On key features (Like Diplomacy!)

First, lets get the gif out of the way. I know the truth – you all come here for those fancy fancy gifs!


Diplomacy! Its still pretty basic (there are a lot of mechanics tied into the options you select that just aren’t in yet) but I can now create/run full dialogue trees. It’s pretty exciting! Even though its not a complete feature yet suddenly the game feels just a little bit more complete.

In fact, a lot of things are changing in the next couple of months for the dev cycle. The first 6 months of our journey this year was really bent on combat. In a lot of ways its mostly because of how complicated combat is. Lets be honest, a lot of players just want to shoot missiles and lasers too. It’s important to get it right. We’re now in full blown summer and its time to begin working on the exploration mechanics of the game, as well as the trade system. I’m pumped!


Been a busy few weeks since our last update. I’m currently working through some diplomacy features which I’m pretty excited about, as well as more top secret features!

I’m also trying to spend a bit more time cleaning up some the bugs I’ve been encountering.


it’s always interesting :)