Rounding the Bend

Wow, what a crazy time in development. We’re rounding the corner towards a complete game. You’d think things would get easier at this point, but instead it’s the opposite. It gets wayyyy harder! So much to do!

I Figure I’ll just unload a few select items of whats been going on in game

NEW Cruiser class vessels! These bad boys mop the floor with enemy fleets all by themselves!




New Fighter/Shuttle class vessels! These help to fill out your fleet at the beginning of the game – flying with a single ship is really difficult early on.




New locations! Here are two


I’ve also been fixing up a lot of the way the game presents itself. More things going on in the UI, movement… Here’s an example. The newest build (for alpha/beta backers!) will have a different text scrolling effect

More things show up on the starmap

Also, here are ~30 crewmen pathfinding a rather complicated level. They take off instantly with a click now. Great improvement!

The pathfinding goes along with a weekly process of improving the game code itself towards release. The game is currently 266mb, but the next build coming soon will be 80mb instead! The majority of that 80 is just awesome music.

Happy new year everyone! It’s exciting to thing this will be the year we are go for launch!

Interstellaria makes indieDB’s top 100! Votes underway for top ten, and indie project of the year!


I threw my hat into the indieDB’s top 100 games… and we made it! Wow! How exciting! Now the battle is one for the indieDB top ten, and even the indie of the year award! There are a LOT of amazing games on the list, so if I could see Interstellaria on the top ten that would be AMAZING! Send us a vote, cross your fingers, and lets see what happens!

2014 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB


Interstellaria hits beta

Interstellaria Hits Beta

What are your orders captain? Interstellaria has just hit v0.5, and that means we’re in beta! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be at this point. Before I get into the gritty details of what this all means for you, let me just say thank you for everyone who has supported the project so far. From kickstarter backers, to greenlight voters, to well-wishers, bug finders, and even idea-havers. Thank you all. It’s because of you that a game has been built!

Here is a quick preview of something that has changed from inception, to beta

(Original title screen)

(Beta title screen)

What Is Beta?
-Mechanic complete. 90% of all mechanics are coded in. There are a few minor mechanics (mostly when on planets) that’s left to do, but that’ll only happen as each world is built. There’s not much more coding to do. That DOES
NOT mean its bug free, there will still be issues that come up as we go!
-1/4th content complete. This might seem low for a lot of people, but the game has been built foundation up. Creating a new world is now a task of art, music, and design. What would take months for otherwise can now be done in a week or two with good planning. That’s not to say content in game won’t change. Testing will refine and change things.
-More user friendly. We’ve added a tutorial, several UI changes, and more to make things a lot more user friendly. Of course, we’re always tweaking things (for example a text scrolling change coming soon).

(Original UI)

(Beta UI)

If you are are a kickstarter backer with beta access, the goals will be simple
-Balance. Some things are likely overpowered, some things underpowered. The only way to know is through testing.
-Progression. When you’re a developer you can breeze through content and combat quickly. Outside eyes are needed to discover where the game is too short, and where it drags.
-Content. Levels need to be tested, tried, and broken. As new content unrolls over the rest of the dev cycle, it’ll also need to be thoroughly broken and rebuilt by the players. The beta is being distributed by the Humble Store to beta backers – so you should be getting your key soon if you backed the game!

For feedback, you can alway send notes to
There’s also a nice subreddit made for feedback and discussion!

We’ve already built up quite a few things to test out

as well as all the races and ships to test!

Moving on, what’s new since our last update overall?

Many new events are in game!

Some new gear

Suns and planets now show up as you travel

Anomalies may now show up and cause trouble

We’ve added an artifact log to help track important things you’ve found along the way

As well as a minimal view of the star map!

As well as a few UI updates

We’ve also updated ground based dialogue screens as well

Planet ghfi is now in game and has several missions for you

New side activities are also in

Also, I’m very excited say that we’ve added an additional “main” race into the game! That means they can equip armor and guns. The race has new ships, dialogue, and territory. I just felt like 4 was an odd number for main races. Introducing the plant like Suna!

As always I’m sure there’s more, but you’ll have to play the game (if you have access) to know.

Now onto the big question – WHEN WILL THE GAME BE DONE?! I swear it’s the first question everyone always asks me. If you’ve been following the updates, you know I decided to push development into January. This is to avoid problems with taxes, as well as to avoid the holidays. After much discussion with everyone involved I am also considering pushing into March as well. I know this comes as a disappointment for many not involved in testing the game, but it’s important for the game to be completed and to avoid cutting corners. The goal is to have the content completed in January (or close to it) and then spend the remaining few months polishing and testing the game. I feel the crunch in launching so close to games completion would result in too many problems.

I just ask you guys all trust me on this decision. It’s only done in the interest of the game. I’ve spent roughly 10 months so far putting out weekly builds, which is sort of unheard of for most projects. I hope that the constant progress, communication, and implantation of feedback serves to show the integrity of the project.

And finally, a simple trailer showing some of the new features!

Where’s da beta at Coldrice?!?

It’s almost here I promise!

I think this in a previous update, but it’s hard for me to let go. I’m always waiting for one more thing, one more bug, one more piece of art… it’s hard to say “ok this is beta now go!”

Here’s an example. the UI has had a few more adjustments. Planets and stars have also been added the background

Or polishing off a few of the pirate encounters to include diplomacy aspects as well


Either way, I promise it’s right around the corner. Now what to expect? Well as far as I plan it’ll be just like the alpha in a lot of ways.

1) Many things could still change based on player feedback. The majority of things that have evolved up to this point are mostly due to dev plan. After the beta point only play testing will really change aspects of the game.

2) Constant content related updates. Gone will be the glory days of every afternoon revealing a newly coded feature. Instead we’ll be hitting planet design, ship design, and the almighty ETC really hard.

3) A much more “open” view. If you weren’t around to back the kickstarter for alpha/beta you will at least be able to SEE more of the things that are going on with the game. During alpha I was pretty strict with information in and out.

4) There will probably still be bugs, however the kind of bugs will be a lot more tame in comparison to challenges we saw during the alpha. It won’t be long before we start optimizing a lot of the game, and it’ll mostly be scenarios which cause a crash but can be easily found and fixed.

Once more I’ve had a number of questions re: early access. The beta will be the decider on this. Again, I’m not eager to sell an incomplete product – but I also see no problems with letting people in either. However if early access were to take away from launch day sales then its not worth it.

I don’t want to ramble, so I’ll stop here. I’m working hard – promise!