Guess who’s back. Back From PAX. Guess who’s back, guess who’s back….

Last weekends PAX has come and gone, but I was lucky enough to get some “ins” through a few contacts of mine. Had the opportunity to showcase my game to some press types each day – sadly no big leads BUT everyone involved seemed super interested in what I was working on. I also spent a ton of time taking notes on their reactions, as well as the various games around (and the reactions of people playing those games).

Long story short, I took a “break” this week and spent time trying to get through as many notes as I could. I didn’t tackle them all, but I got a big chunk out.


We have better scrolling stars


Bullets to/from ship are now displayed when in combat.


Events have shifted from random, to random but displayed on the star map


Crew to crew talking is back


They do a lot more now when not in combat


Multi select is now in


They move well together!


Their mass AI is really fun to watch. Like roaches!


Also coins bounce


I added off screen emotes so you can see what’s going on when they’re not visible


I’ve also been working on new locations


and new enemy types


oh yeah, tactical pause!

Just some house cleaning re: PRE-ORDERS

We’ve recently partnered with the humble store! Pre-orders are available! Sorry, no early access at this time – but we will e-mail all pre-order holders with new on how to switch to an early access key if we decide to ever do Early Access.

Plese be aware that this is pre-order only – we are not schedule for release until later in the year and this is for a final copy only.

The big v0.4 Update – new planet exploration mechanics and controls. USE ALL CREWMEN

Well here we are – the update I’ve been waiting to give all month. Its been difficult keeping everything under wraps – but I have to let the cat out of the bag at some point!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to get some good in person play time with a few people who didn’t know me, or my game. The amount of notes that arose from that event was staggering, and fantastic. That, combined with notes sent to me from the alpha testers, made me formulate a plan to make sure the game “felt” the way it was meant to. The first step in that was to improve space combat, so a few months ago I showed off a new system of combat that was more interactive, interesting, and unique:


This was really exciting to make, because it simply took the existing code, and modified it to work with multiple ship instances instead of just one. Fairly simple to switch over, and after a week or so of alpha bug testing it was working like a charm.

Then it was on to planet phase. The tricky part of this was the planet phase was not fully complete yet, so even without changes it would require a lot of coding. After playing with a few options to make it a bit more fun (including procedural content, which I placed on the back burner) I was able to mock up something that was piqued every ones interest. It would again reuse existing code, but this time from both the planet phase and the space phase.


Instead of just spouting a lot of words, lets just let the gifs do the talking first

Lets just land the whole ship

allow you to use all your crewmen

And I mean all (Auto harvest AI in action)

They’re pretty good and finding their way

Even if they’re not armed, they will MESS STUFF UP

all interaction still work as before, a new layer of code has been added for pathfinding and item harvesting, but otherwise its the same game.

Even simple levels are a lot more “alive” now

This allows for some fun new locations


The first question people asked – what happens if you take off without your crew? Well you’re given a prompt. Otherwise, they’re left behind.

a few menus were updated for this change up.

Its likely this new change will worry a lot of people – but in terms of scope there’s not much worry. Its done! Just like when space combat was renovated there will be a bit of time where its buggy. An example is the the new tutorial has a bug in it – which will cause the inventory to not open sometimes preventing you from moving on! Eek! Alpha testers: version B will be live this weekend to patch up the error.

In addition, I have and always will be super open to suggestions and feedback. Be aware due to dev cycle I can’t always get right to an idea right away, but I have a very hefty list of ideas, and many of them have been used. Hit me up via e-mail, or better yet on twitter!

I’m sure there’s more, but much of it was covered in the last big update. For now, I’ll leave you with this smug human captain.

Big update soon(ish)

Putting in some of the finishing touches on a big update this week. Its hot, and I’ve been up late for a number of nights. Trust me, it’s all worth it.


I think the game is finally starting to look good!