NEW Art Direction for Interstellaria!

This is all a work in Progress!!

In order to appeal to a larger crowd of hard core gamers, Interstellaria will now feature an even more retro look. These pixels harken back to the feeling of playing game boy. Not yet implemented is a special shader that darkens the screen so much you can’t see when it’s dark in your home. The nostalgia you will feel when playing this game will be considerable – well only if you’re around 24 years old or older.

Interstellaria at EGX Rezzed!

That’s right, for anyone heading to EGX Rezzed this weekend you can play the latest build of Interstellaria at the Chucklefish booth! I will not personally be there as I am in HEAVY Crunch mode finishing up the game, but you can totally check it out and meet the cool guys over at Chucklefish!

You can check out the details of their show times here

Generally the game will be up every morning!

9 Days of Live Streaming!

That’s right, Starting Saturday February 21st – Sunday March 1st there will be 9 days of Interstellaria development live on twitch! I’ll be broadcasting daily at 6pm pst, you can catch most days of the stream at

Some notable live streams

Friday February 23rd – Pixel art with Coldrice @6pm pst

Wednesday February 25th – Music With Chipzel @6pm pst

Friday February 27th – mini game programming with Coldrice @6pm pst

Stay tuned for the schedule! I’ll be posting a day by day who/what/where/when for those of you who are interested in all streams, or just a few!