9 Days of Live Streaming!

That’s right, Starting Saturday February 21st – Sunday March 1st there will be 9 days of Interstellaria development live on twitch! I’ll be broadcasting daily at 6pm pst, you can catch most days of the stream at http://www.twitch.tv/coldrice_dev

Some notable live streams

Friday February 23rd – Pixel art with Coldrice @6pm pst http://www.twitch.tv/coldrice_dev

Wednesday February 25th – Music With Chipzel @6pm pst http://www.twitch.tv/chipzel

Friday February 27th – mini game programming with Coldrice @6pm pst http://www.twitch.tv/coldrice_dev

Stay tuned for the schedule! I’ll be posting a day by day who/what/where/when for those of you who are interested in all streams, or just a few!

Linux Support added!

You heard right! Linux support is now in! For those of you who are in beta testing you can now download Interstellaria from steam for your Linux box. Humble build coming soon! I’m very happy to now have win/osx/linux support implemented.

The updates have slowed down a bit – I am now buried in work! There is so much to do/involved with finishing a game it’s insane. I just need to find a warm comfy hole that I can hide in and finish everything!

new locations

Stats are now displayed showing exactly how you’re boosting your ship

just planting a seed in your head about it.

Rounding the Bend

Wow, what a crazy time in development. We’re rounding the corner towards a complete game. You’d think things would get easier at this point, but instead it’s the opposite. It gets wayyyy harder! So much to do!

I Figure I’ll just unload a few select items of whats been going on in game

NEW Cruiser class vessels! These bad boys mop the floor with enemy fleets all by themselves!




New Fighter/Shuttle class vessels! These help to fill out your fleet at the beginning of the game – flying with a single ship is really difficult early on.




New locations! Here are two


I’ve also been fixing up a lot of the way the game presents itself. More things going on in the UI, movement… Here’s an example. The newest build (for alpha/beta backers!) will have a different text scrolling effect

More things show up on the starmap

Also, here are ~30 crewmen pathfinding a rather complicated level. They take off instantly with a click now. Great improvement!

The pathfinding goes along with a weekly process of improving the game code itself towards release. The game is currently 266mb, but the next build coming soon will be 80mb instead! The majority of that 80 is just awesome music.

Happy new year everyone! It’s exciting to thing this will be the year we are go for launch!